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The Museum of Science and Sustainability (MoSS) is a portable museum dedicated to being a leading resource in the areas of enviornmental science and sustainability. MoSS provides free demonstrations, events, and exhibits to the local Phoenix, AZ community.

Client: Museum of Science and Sustainability (MoSS), local non-profit.

Problems: The organization is going through a massive relaunch of its web and social media presence from its original site. I submitted mock designs for consideration with the original logo.

Solution: Create an engaging yet simple web design that effectively captures the spirit of the organization and its commitment to all things green.


  • Connect and network with similar organizations for cross promotion.
  • Create excitment.
  • Get folks involved - either by volunteering, participating in events, and/or via donations.
  • Showcase MOSS in the community.


  • Local green community.
  • Parents of K-6 children.

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