Victory Acres and Escalante Neighborhoods:
Historias De La Comunidad.

Victory Acres Escalante Book Cover

Project Details

The collaborative Braun Sacred Heart Center/Community Documentation Program's Victory Acres and Escalante Neighborhoods - Historias De La Comunidad book project has a special place in my heart. As an interviewer and creative writer, I was part of a non-profit's mission to record and preserve the important contributions and history of the local communities of Phoenix, AZ.

It was here that I developed and honed my interview skills and was commended by many of the participants for accurately portraying their life stories.

For more information about Braun Sacred Heart Center and to download the entire book, please visit their site.

Employer: Community Documentation Project, a local Phoenix, AZ non-profit.


  • To connect with and establish relationships with the residents of the respective communities.
  • To preserve the history of the Victory Acres and Escalante neighborhoods of Tempe, AZ.


  • Residents (both past and present) of the Victory Acres and Escalante neighborhoods as well as the City of Tempe, AZ.
  • Visitors to the Braun Sacred Heart Center site.
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